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The Ride

We were apart as if we were in an atonement

Actually yes, we committed the biggest sin

In the eyes of the people of our place

In the era, where even the machine learns

Still, they prefer to be stubborn

And yet we met

We planned a heist to get her with me

My mind, filled with frustrations and anxiety

All cleared up when she sat beside me

I just found my remedy

Everything was different that day Maybe it’s the cold breezy wind which touched my skin

Or the warmth of her love which struck my heart

We talked for hours, rode several miles

The moment was ours, filled with smiles

We pulled over, to have some food

But we both cant have much than a bite

As we were already filled with love

Then, we started to roll back to our place

With packed food and stacked emotions

Despite having much to talk

We were silent as the grave

Perhaps we both don’t know where to start

But we both never wanted this ride to end

I broke the silence by taking her hand

Within her hand, I felt like home

I can’t even think of anything else

I wish our hands are tangled together

So that we would stay together forever

And I have never been gentle with the throttle

Still, no words came out but the tears did

It screamed a lot than any words could do

And suddenly she fell on my shoulders

Which felt like the sky falling on the ground

And it actually did as the roads were misty

After wiping the tears of the cheeks and windshield

We were just smiling at each other

And we said to ourselves, “How have we evolved ?”

From being my only dream

To being my only reality

We reached our place, and when she got down

She took all her belongings and my heart too

I let her have it as I know it belongs to her

She walked away and got faded

Not due to the mist, but due to the tears

No one ever looked me, the way she looks at me

I just lived the moment by then with her

Without regretting any past or fearing of future

Both of us, even reaching before home

Already started to miss the Ride.

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