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The Melbournian Saga - Melbourne in a Nutshell.

Hey folks! You are probably wondering who this new girl writing this blog post is! Or maybe not :p. I was previously editing a few of these blogs and I suddenly realised that I had a lot of time on my hands. Since everybody is mostly at home and devoid of travelling, I just thought I could virtually take you around to the places I have been to and absolutely loved so far.

To kickstart my maiden post, I wanted to start with a place that was and is very close to my heart. Of all the places, I’ve been to so far (not too many :p), the place that absolutely captured my heart and soul is the magnificent city on the Yarra River, the capital of the garden state of Victoria, known for its many cultures and the ever-changing weather. It is none other than the second most liveable city “MELBOURNE”.

If you ever know Melbourne, you will know that the weather there is worse than a woman’s mood. As they always say in Melbourne, you can experience “FOUR SEASONS IN A DAY”. One moment you might be enjoying some pleasant sunshine, the next moment you might be running to shelter from the rain and the next moment you might be covered in jackets and beanies from head to toe and still shivering. But I’ve realised that I enjoy that kind of weather. Because to expect the unexpected is my kinda fun.

If you are looking to go around Melbourne, what better way than to use the trams. The trams are an absolute godsend. The Melbourne tramway is so well connected, that neither do you have to rely on your driving skills to get you places nor do you need to wait for an uber. But yeah, sometimes uber’s are better. The City Circle trams which are brown in colour and look vintage are free of cost and stop at most of the important places in the Melbourne CBD. Melbourne as a city might look overwhelmingly big at the beginning, but as you go about roaming the laneways, you will realise that walking through Melbourne CBD is the best thing you can do to get through the city. There are times when I’ve taken trams to places and realised that if I walked, I would’ve reached the place in 5 mins because it was just the next street.

The culture of Melbourne is just so welcoming and so diverse, despite the cold weather you will feel love and warmth throughout the city. Melbourne is a colourful city covered with art of all forms. The many laneways covered with graffiti, bridges covered with locks and the winter nights on the Yarra with lights all over making it a magical scene just out of a fairytale. It makes it very difficult to take your eyes off of the beauty and makes it even more difficult to return home.

Melbourne is like a cup that is always full. You ask for something and it is there, a beautiful large botanical garden near the city with its vast flora and fauna, the art galleries and museums with their free tours, the markets with various local produce and its hustle and bustle, the Melbourne cricket ground, the walks on the Yarra, the fashion laneways, the Chinatown(which makes you feel like you are really in China), the graffiti-filled lanes, the Melbourne star(giant wheel) from where we can see Melbourne in its entirety, the beautiful beaches, the small penguins, the large kangaroos and the ever so lazy koalas. Melbourne has so many things to talk about which I reckon can’t be covered in a single post and hence I’ve decided to compose a series of posts to talk about Melbourne in and out and about its various attractions which can not be missed. So take some time off to travel with me as I take you through the city of art that captured my soul, as I unravel my saga in the Victorian city of beauty.

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