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Society, Civilization

Welcome to episode 3 of the series 'Life'.

If you haven't read the previous article, do check it out "Homo Sapiens"


So, with cultivation, a network of people, houses and a leader, there came into existence the society, civilization. In the beginning, for farming, oneself ought to get the woods, and build the tools to plough and harvest and find methods to stock them, so that they were independent. But it was more arduous to do all these things on their own as they have to keep up with the time. Hence they divided the work amongst them, but they never knew it would lead to one of the biggest discrimination in the society later. So with all these divisions, people needed to communicate, coordinate with others which forced them to became more dependant. And there required high planning to administrate all these works to happen synchronously. Thus the leader should have a wise mind, as mere strength could not drive the people anymore. The chief of the tribe was elected by various rituals, sometimes with a group of elder and wise people as a council. So this became the system, known as the government. Originally, the primary aim of the government was to improve the agricultural methods so that there was sufficient food for everyone. And the very next aim was to protect their people. It was similar to any other living thing, with the ultimate aim as survival and if survival wasn't a problem then protecting its kind. The system was simple when there was no gap between the civilian and their leader, as the leader was one among them.

Later there came to the concept called monarchy and suddenly the leader now became the king. People not only respected but started to worship their rulers, which made the rulers to be overwhelmed with power. That was the hindrance of that system. It did not spread the power equally but had its own hierarchy. There is just a thin string which contrasts patriotism from nationalism. Power, the rulers couldn't get enough of it. They scaled power with wealth, people and land under their charge. And this scale reflected in their civilians too, they respected the ones who had them more and started to humiliate the ones who did not have them. So the kings to mark their region of control, they made their own boundaries and always been so keen on extending them. And that process wasn't peaceful always, sometimes they have to make a new one but most of the time they destroyed the other ones. As there wasn't only one wall, one language, one nation or one King, there were many. And they were enough to separate us already, but still, they came up with another one which was the Race.


Thanks for reading. Like and share your thoughts and views in the comments. And follow up the next article "The Race", which is the hot moment at the US currently.

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