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Just Be Good in Life

Updated: May 31, 2020

Being good

Hey friends, this blog is just a bit of good advice to everyone. In our life, we face many things. Things which will make us happy, things which will boost us to success, but as all of us know life is not a bed of roses. It is often full of thorns. All the things that are happening to us do not depend upon our luck. So don't ever think that you have good or bad luck. Actually, its all karma. I have a great belief in karma, and it really happens.

One of the important messages from the Tamil literature Silapathigaram is

"Uzh vinai uruthu vanthu uutum"

Which means that, whatever we do, it will definitely reflect back onto us, in this life or in the next one. So till the day, we live on this sphere, just be good to everyone. Be a selfless person. As a sonnet in the Puranaanuru says

"nallathu seiya laatri raayinum
            allathu seiya loompumi nathuthaan"

which means even if you can't be good, just don't be bad. If you are frustrated with a sequence of failures, don't give up or underestimate yourself. Understand that it is just a bad phase, not a bad life. The mistake and sin that you do, will not only affect you but also your upcoming generations. And moreover, it is not so hard to be good. And in this world, the only person who knows your best and worst qualities is none other than you.

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