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Homo Sapiens

Updated: May 31, 2020

Welcome to episode 2.

If you missed the Pilot post "Dawn of the Orb" of this series 'Life' check it out.


Just before some 200,000 years ago, there came us, the Homo sapiens a.k.a humans. Until now, there is no clear explanation about the Origin of Life. There are some theories that state that high level living things came into existence from the asteroid that had then made the dinosaurs to become extinct. We first wandered all over the place for food, didn't care much about shelter or clothing. We were literally afraid of everything, be it rain, thunder, lightning, big animals and most importantly fire. We couldn't understand these things so we feared them a lot and eventually, we started to worship them so that it wouldn't harm us. We felt pretty attached to the caves for many centuries. The biggest turning point for mankind was when we knew how to make fire (The time we realized that barbecue tasted better than raw meat). While going away from the caves, we either got some food or became food to other wild animals. That's when we understood that a single man couldn't survive alone, out there in the jungle, so we started to go out as a group. As a group, we were even able to kill a mammoth with some sharp tools. So now we searched not only for food but also for the tools. When men went out hunting, women took care of the young ones. Yes, women domestication and gender segregation started by stone age. We started to populate rapidly. We, humans, biologically not monogamous but we tend to it, and so men wanted to keep their women away from others. Later, we had to sometimes go so far for the search for food, and so the group accepted the strongest one among them as their leader and followed his instructions. Many circumstances forced humans to come out of the caves. Life became much simpler when we understood that circular objects could roll. Yes, wheels play a vital role in the migration and development of humans. I guess at one point we were sick of moving, and hence we started to build houses near rivers. I really think cultivating crops were either the result of humans feeling lazy or so scared to go out for hunting. So, with cultivation, a network of people, houses and a leader, there came into existence the society, civilization.


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Follow up the next article "Society, Civilization."

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