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End of Teeny Tunes

Hello everyone, once I made a post about completing the school-age and entering into the college. And this is post is about completing the teenage, the one which will end as soon as you get to know about it. One day you see a strand of hair out of your chin and in no time it is all way around the body, clogging the drains. That's how hard the puberty hits and how fast the time and hair flies away.

By today I complete my teenage, yes I am a millennial. Almost all my school and college mates are in their 20's. That makes me the youngest of the batch. I think there are even some juniors who are elder than me and that's one of the second reason why I didn't participate in the traditional "Senior-Junior Interaction" with my batchmates. The first one is they didn't call me. One real perk of being a millennial is there is no need for any heavy mathematical calculation to get our age.

In childhood, I was so elevated about the birthdays, but the summer vacation starts by the first week of April. So I won't get a chance to be the kid on the colour dress and the one who can bunk the classes just to distribute chocolates to all the staffs and fellow students. Yet I had my fake birthdays, which will mostly fall on the last day of the annual exam, which is mostly the Tamil oratorical exam. From senior school, I started to celebrate with my friends, by inviting them and throwing a party. I celebrated even when I had blood-stained cotton bands wrapped around my leg. It continued in the college days too. Where getting the cake is the most exciting part, with our nicknames on it, and which hardly ends up in our stomach but surely on our faces, where we get the cream's ever bonding love as it refuses to go with ease even after scrubbing so hard.

I actually write this post with my mind hitten by the entering-the-adulthood-crisis. Once we all were so excited about our birthdays, counting the number of years left to get our driving license to drive without any fear or guilt while seeing the police around the corner. And to get our voter id, so that we could use our democratic rights and change the fate of our nation. We all passed that stage. And if not for the lockdown due to Coronavirus, some of you reading this would have finished your college life and maybe looking for jobs and higher studies. Thankfully I still have two more painful years at my college.

With tons of responsibilities to carry upon our backs in just a few more months, I still don't have a clear view about me. And myself studying to be a Data Analyst, even with my own two decades of data, I don't know how the upcoming years are gonna be. We all never know what is about to come, maybe that's what the whole life is about. Maybe the uncertainty keeps it interesting. So I think it is just better to keep on learning from the data than to predict from it, even after the learning curve smooths. But the one thing I know for sure is that the school's WhatsApp group is gonna be flooded with marriage invitations in some months.

I thank all my family, friends and Facebook for reminding some of them about my day, who took some time like nearly three minutes to read all through this and for wishing me not only for this birthday but for all my 20 birthdays and making me feel a special and the day as a really memorable one.

"leh leh legura, ander ne nogura"

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