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End and Beginning

Updated: May 31, 2020

Buckle up, Reality ahead

Hello all, this post is mainly for the all the little brothers and sisters who have recently completed their 12th grade. Yes, you are still little as most of you might surely be around 17 or 18. Surely, it is one great milestone to cross. But, just a reminder that life has many more milestones other than that. It is just the beginning. Many of you would have already partially planned a Goa trip even before the last exam, which hardly works out in most of the cases. Enjoy your vacation to the maximum because it is very hard to reunite after this ( Unless someone from your batch watches '96 and plans a get-together).

Until 12th grade most of us would have been day scholars, that is, we were under the roof of our parents, who were guiding us all the way, in all things like picking up a lunchbox to picking up our streams after the 10th public exams. Actually, that's the first big decision-making point of our life. Most of us would have already fixed a stream while some others don't bother much about it and pick the stream of their best friend or girlfriend. For some, their parents, siblings, cousins and most importantly their neighbours would have chosen it for them. Some will enjoy, while most will regret. It doesn't actually matter a lot. The real big deal is when it comes to picking the college and course. You may think that there is a lot of time to think about it. But believe me guys, the vacation will end in the blink of an eye. Even by this time some of your friends would be preparing for NEET(hope they don't get stripped, before entering the exam hall), some for JEE main and advance, some for NATA, and many more entrance exams. Actually, apply for many entrance exams and attend them with your friends. It would be great fun, and you will be able to see many colleges so that you can get an idea, and if you are lucky enough, some may click, even with a scholarship. Don't just believe in Anna University Counselling.

By the time you get your counselling dates, your fellow arts and science students will be preparing for their first internal exams. Life will then move on very quickly. The first and foremost thing to remember is to not search for the character of your school friends inside your college friends. The studying methodology will look completely different at first, it takes a couple of internal exams to get used to it. And my dear state-board students, initially it will all be so new, looking at all the CBSE and other education-standard classmates. For hostelers it will be a whole new different life, they surely have an edge over the day scholars as they live the college life to the fullest. You will meet many people and face many problems in your life. They will teach you many life lessons, either by cherishing you or betraying you. You have to learn to ignore many things, mainly negativity, you have to learn to tolerate certain things and you should know when to react and not react for things. While we were in school, the teachers really care for us, when it is upgraded to lecturers and professors, most of them don't give a shit about you. And it is better to have a smooth relationship with the seniors, you may need them in the future. It takes some time to fit with a different crowd. But when it happens, you will start enjoying. I found it hard to gel up in the beginning. If you want certain things to happen in your terms, you may have to lose something. Some of your friends may pursue their education abroad or far away from home. So it will be so hard to meet them after school. Better don't miss out any reunion. In school days, during vacation, we all go away from home, but at college, during vacation, we come home. If your college is just some hours away from your home, you may visit your home often to eat your mummy's yummy food, to do your laundry and to refill your wallet.

So don't over expect, it is definitely not going to be like something in Premam, Arjun Reddy, Happy Days, Nanban, Student Of the Year or any other films for that matter. If you walk in thinking of all that, you are going to be disappointed. But it throws out a lot of opportunities to improve your character. Do attend all the cultural, inter and intra-college competitions, workshops, tours a.k.a Industrial Visit. And visit your college-mates hometown. Attend his/her sister/brother's marriage. Travel to as many places as you can. Try to have less number of friends and thousands of contacts.

Just enjoy the moment.

You will definitely walk out with millions of mixed memories.


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