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Does He Even Exist ?

Updated: May 31, 2020

The greatest question of all time!

When I was a child, I grew up listening to stories about Him. I demanded my grandmother to tell me bedtime stories each and every day about Him. He was addressed under many different names and there was a story behind each of those names. I distinctly remember a story in which his name is Krishna. I hope most of you know about this story which is one of the earliest and most popular epics of India. This story revolves around a dispute between two groups of cousins due to gambling and one side being pushed to have to gamble with their wife. Suddenly, one of them grabs the loser’s wife to the courtroom and starts stripping her clothes in front of the whole crowd. Then, out of nowhere, the omnipresent Lord Krishna appears and saves her. The rest of the story is all about revenging those people who harassed her. There also exists another great epic in India, where the whole plot revolves around avenging a man who abused a woman. At the end of both the epics, the one/people who harassed was/were killed. These epics have been proven to be more than just a myth as archaeologists have discovered shreds of evidence to prove that the incidents in the epics have taken place in history. Our whole country is based on this ideology.

We now live in a place where most of the people worship goddesses. Yet women are being treated badly, harassed, cheated, raped, and even killed brutally. So where is He now? It happens irrespective of the place, it happens in the warehouse, it happens in the office, it happens in schools/colleges, it happens on roads and it even happens in temples where people seek Him. Was the cry of all those girls/women not as loud as Draupadi?

Are they, the greatest epics or the greatest lies?

So again, Does He even exist?

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