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Dawn of the Orb

Updated: May 31, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the pilot post "Dawn of the Orb" of article series 'Life'. I will be posting new articles on every Sunday eve. Do like and share your thoughts and views in the comments.


Our dear home planet, born just 4.5 billion years ago, was happily running around its mum who was 8 light minutes away from her. Initially, it cried of molten lava like any other newborn child, maybe it was the painful tears after crashing with another rock, which turned to be her own lover later, again like any other teenage one side lover who always stalks yet maintains a distance. In the meantime, she was wrapped by the dark clouds, which helped her to settle only the heat above her and not from the inside. She really kept the fire inside her. After some millions of years, the dark clouds started to cry, as they couldn't hold Earth's heat, they cried so hard which became the mighty oceans. All mothers usually love all their children equally without any partiality, but in this family it was different. One had rings, another had several followers and just recently they had a very big family issue, that they abandoned the smallest one named Pluto. The one thing that Earth has, but no other planet has is 'Life'. At first, all the living things just swam in the big pool, for millions of years. All of a sudden one little creature hit its head over something and then it realized there was land. It was so curious to know what was above there, that it slowly evolved and crawled into the land. And in no time it started to move fast, started to hunt others and some even learnt to fly. Everything was perfect. The life cycle was good and the food chain was stable with lizards on the top of it, but they weren't as fortunate, as they all became extinct. Some claim that it was either the massive asteroid or the volcano which swept them all. Even then life bloomed again later, when some monkeys tried to walk and that was it. Just before some 200,000 years ago, there came us, the Homo sapiens a.k.a humans.


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