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We all know walls. A big shield, to protect things from the surroundings. Or maybe to hide things inside to the surroundings. Many paint them so good, some even don’t mind what is inside and just focus on the walls, maybe those are the ones who use them to hide kinds of stuff. Thinking that people will only see that piece and will just fix that picture in their mind. And in most cases, it is true indeed. In many instances, people won't even consider looking inside the walls, if they are uglier. And also, many people are eagerly waiting to peek into others walls before realizing what is going on inside theirs. And people kept on building those walls, which separated people, which protected some nation, which split some nation and so on. And I am not here talking about the continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land, but about the ones that we all construct with the materials which are harder than any concrete around us, ‘Psychological Wall’.

We all would have encountered situations, where we wanted to share, even pour our feelings into someone or anyone that we have in our head. But most of the time we find it so hard to throw these untainted emotions out of those walls, they are either too tall to be jumped out or too thicker to be penetrated. We all might initially strive so hard to get it out of us. But we all at a point in time get so exhausted, to even try. And finally, we simply give up and start to live with them. We all think we could do it. Just keep on pouring these emotions into ourselves, but none understands that it is not any feel-good emotions that could nourish our mind, but the perishable one, the toxics. As we keep dumping, eventually we will run out of headspace. Keep on pressuring stuff simply takes out the liveliness, as a result in inside, they just become so hard. Maybe that’s what happens when all the wetness drains from their heart. It is easy to spot such people. They become senseless to any feeling, nothing doesn’t matter much to them anymore. This stage would have been prevented if they got a chance to burst out to anyone. But many have their dignity. The person who is stuck in this situation doesn’t want to let their guards down for either of the reasons: for not letting others know the junk that they got in, or not want others to think that they are vulnerable just because they let it go. The first kind, are the ones who find it so difficult to even accept themselves which is a really big problem, while the latter kind is the ones, who built those walls out of the ruins of pleasant castles, the victim of being kind and expressive. So we can’t simply blame those personals for being in such places, because the dirt is not only on them but also on everyone surrounding them. As an individual, in most of the cases, we simply need some listening ears rather than the junk of advice. And some are scared about the judgemental looks afterwards from the person they shared. We simply want someone to hear us out, when all those mind blocking hurdles are thrown away, we could figure out the solution on our own. But our society absurdly doesn’t have that kindness, they simply want us to deviate our problem with some other more hard problems. And the one seeking that kindness puzzles miserably and runs out of diversions. Recently with COVID taking down the whole world, most of the people would have gone through this phase. All should realize that it was a bad phase for one, and not a bad person or life so. In our life, we all could be so endeavours of being independent, and we might also achieve it financially, but not completely emotionally. As we all are just emotional beings, we all need some moral support, shoulder to lean and hugs to heal. So even though if we couldn't completely break down those walls, we could at least have a door to pass through it, when we need to.

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